A mermaid for a princess


My niece Isabella’s first birthday was August 23rd. To celebrate, Nick and I flew to Texas. In true Texas fashion, this little girl needed a whole lotta cake to celebrate her first year on Earth. Enter- the mermaid cake!

My aunt Laura found the inspiration for this cake here. We used cake mix to make the process go a little faster.

She had a strawberry head, vanilla body, and chocolate and vanilla tail.

Avert your eyes, sailors, this mermaid isn’t dressed yet!

Getting her hair done- chocolate cupcake style. And check out those luscious fruit roll up lips- so kissable!

We couldn’t find any pastel Necco wafers, so cousin Grace was tasked with painting chocolate Neccos with edible glitter. It was time consuming, but the result was lovely!

Finally, she was ready for her close up- ooh la la!

Time to dig in!

Isabella was a true lady- she was so dainty while she ate this cake! She finally got a bit dirty when her daddy smeared some frosting on her face.

Here’s to many more frosting-filled days!

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